Zero Electricity Bill is it even Possible?

Many customers that inquire about our ensky solar energy systems still find it unbelievable that many of our clients are left with nothing but paper that remind them of the days when they used to be annoyed by the mail they receive on that particular day of the month. The sight of seeing that orange makes their hearts heavy and their pockets ripped.

What kind of black magic is this? Is this a scam? They think it's some kind of "hokus-pokus" or "kung ano-anong bogus" or some kind of modus. Well to be honest it hurts us to hear this because that is really not what our business is all about. Our business aims to serve people that wish to increase the comfort of their homes and business and to pay for a reasonable price for electricity to run the necessary appliances. We enjoy seeing our clients experience the wonders of what solar energy can do for your family and your employees. We believe in investing, the availing an ensky system is exactly like an investment. A system that runs beyond 30-years that promises an efficiency to alleviate your electricity cost up to 100% depending on the size of your Ensky Energy System. Our Energy Systems have the power to reduce your cost of power and give you a 19-23% ROI.

We have a number of clients that took the leap of faith and jumped into the investment and are now reaping the benefits of receiving a zero energy bill even through summer and rainy seasons month on month.

Clients can choose how much they want to subsidise through our energy system packages, these clients went all the way.
Current Clients under Zero Bill Installations

If you are interested in owning and investing in our Ensky Home Energy systems please don't hesitate to set an appointment with us through or text/call here at 0917-632-6189, 930-5474

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