Solar is not a good investment, they said!

We are 5 years strong installing on homes nationwide and all I can say is that the Philippine market particularly in the central luzon region is really beginning to sink their teeth in using solar as their secondary power source.

Clients that we have serviced back in 2012 and 2013 are now reaping the benefits of reduced power cost because they have attained their 5-year return on their investment. We've have experienced the happy smiles of our clients and it brings us the utmost joy to be in every step of the journey. It definitely brings us back the memory of why we started this venture from the very beginning.

Right now our goal, is to support and grow installation teams and third-party installers through the platforms that we are building that we wish we had when we were just starting up back then. With pure heart and determination we'd like to see more homes, businesses and small to large industries make use of solar as a source of electrification.

We have introduced just this 2018 a training program for sales associates, technical installers and even home DIYer's to learn experience the different equipments available in the market. We understand the difficulty of learning new components because of its large capital investments to conduct research and development upon the various kinds of energy systems. Ultimately every buyer wants to know how the different systems work and how it could fit their needs for their home or business use.

If you are interested in joining our monthly conducted training program you can inquire at or

text/call to set an appointment at

0917-632-6189 or 930-5474

Solar Installation conducted for teaching labor workers on mounting with railing kits
2012 Solar Installation Training

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