One Step Towards Bringing the Future to the Filipino People

Attendees of Batch 1 Sales Seminar with Mr. Victor Angelo Asuncion, President and CEO of Ensky Corporation, and Ms. July Lyn Dizon, Vice President of Sales, at Ensky Techno Hub

Ensky Corporation would like to thank all the Batch 1 attendees of the 2018 Sales Associates’ Seminar last September 22, 2018 at our most recent Ensky Corporation Techno Hub in Urduja Village, Caloocan. The vision of Ensky Corporation is to solar-power every Filipino home, business and community.

As discussed with the attendees, the heart and soul of Ensky Corporation is truly bringing reliable and cost-effective alternative power source into the hands of the people step-by-step. One major responsibility our company has is to be able to empower more people to gain the knowledge of what "Solar" really is and how it works. Apart from learning the capability of solar, we've also built a platform for individuals to become involved and profitable in our business through our Sales Associate Programs.

Discussion with the Attendees at the Ensky Corporation Techno Hub Conference Area

With the ever-increasing need of the Filipino people to save money, get out of the distress of inflation rate and get rid of the hefty charges on their monthly electric bills, Ensky Corporation oriented the new generation of sales associates of the team so they can educate every Filipino they can reach and have them definitely take advantage of the power of the sun, and spread this valuable knowledge like wildfire.

Mr. Victor Angelo Asuncion, President and CEO, answering the questions of Attendees.

Our promise and commitment are not only for our clients to undeniably save money but also for them to gain the utmost confidence in their finances again as they save hundreds of thousands and even up to millions of pesos in the lifespan of a residential system for a typical household.

As I, the Vice President of Sales, and Mr. Victor Angelo Asuncion, the President and CEO, discussed the passion and vision that Ensky Corporation has for this nation, the associates’ hearts were triggered to help the country all the more, in the best possible way they can, because they have seen that it really is possible to solve the Filipinos’ problem on balancing the cost of energy and living in comfort!

Discussion and quick talk with the Attendees after the Seminar at the Ensky Corporation Techno Hub Conference Area

While we serve the nation in this manner, Ensky’s objective is also to help the associates reach their financial goals and build their dreams. Ensky has provided them the most competitive commission scheme in the solar energy industry even while choosing to work from home.

At the Registration Booth: (Left) Ms. Maureen Ocampo, Sales Account Manager (Right) Ms. July Lyn Dizon, Vice President of Sales

If you want to be a part of this team and be a Sales Associate, send in your CV at

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