Ensky Corporation exhibits with Japan Solar Philippines at the Smart Tech Manufacturing Expo 2018

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Ensky Corporation and Japan Solar answer client's questions at the Smart Tech Manufacturing 2018 Expo at the World Trade Center, Manila

Ensky Corporation and Japan Solar Philippines showed their solar energy products and services at the Smart Tech Manufacturing Expo 2018: Philippines Smart Tech Manufacturing Machinery, Engineering Technology, Material & Outsourcing Expo & Conference incorporating International Metalworking Philippines 2018 last August 22-25, 2018 (Wednesday – Saturday) at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila. This whole free admission event was made possible and organized by Vision Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. with the industry support from Aerospace Industries Association Of The Philippines (AIAP), Metalworking Industries Association Of The Philippines (MIAP), Philippines (Auto) Parts Maker Association Of The Philippines (PPMA), Electric Vehicle Association Of The Philippines (EVAP), The Die & Mold Association Of The Philippines (PDMA, INC.), and The Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC) in partnership with The Die & Mold Association Of The Philippines. Latest and advanced technologies are made available to the various industries existing in the country in this exposition.

Clients share the same vision for the nation regarding the use of solar energy in every Filipino home

Ensky Corporation’s President and CEO - Mr. Victor Angelo Asuncion, Sales Account Manager - Ms. Maureen Ocampo, and I, the Vice President of Sales, were present in the event to educate visitors about the role of solar energy industry and its benefits and positive impact to the materials, manufacturing, and engineering companies and individuals from various industries all over the Philippines.

Ensky Corporation’s objective is to establish the use of renewable energy all throughout the country for a vast range of end users such as industrial facilities, commercial properties, farms and even to small homes.

Mr. Victor Asuncion, President and CEO, assists a client. Ms. July Lyn Dizon, Vice President of Sales, educates TUP Mechanical Engineering Technology students who paid a visit at the recent Smart Tech Manufacturing 2018 Expo at the World Trade Center, Manila, Philippines

As infrastructures develop in the Philippines, energy consumption also increases. All the more Ensky wants to help these businesses grow significantly due to their high expense on energy consumption. In line with the Department of Transportation’s move on the public’s safety in commuting, the modernization of public utility jeepneys was showcased in the event. Ensky Corporation is promoting the application of solar energy systems that will allow the jeepney operators and drivers to get more profit as they invest in their own solar energy systems to charge their batteries. Using this renewable source of energy is a healthier and cleaner option for the people and the environment.

Mr. Victor Angelo Asuncion, President and CEO, explains to the customer the benefits of using solar energy system in his facility

If you are interested to know more about the products and services that Ensky Corporation can provide to help you grow your business and/or save on your energy expense, please feel free to connect with me at july.dizon@enskycorp.com or text or call to set an appointment at 0997 601 9100 or 930-5474.

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