Ensky and Agrilink's leadership towards a higher quality of life

One of the indoor booths at the Agrilink 2018 Exhibition at the World Trade Center, Manila

Ensky Corporation paid a visit to Agrilink 2018 25th International Agribusiness Trade Exhibition and Seminars, Foodlink 2018 19th International Food Processing, Packaging and Products Exhibition, and Aqualink 2018 14th National Fisheries Exhibition and Seminars, which were simultaneously held last October 4 to 6, 2018 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila Financial Center Area, Roxas Boulevard cor. Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue Pasay City, Philippines. Agrilink 2018’s theme is “Efficient Value Chain in the Hog Industry: A Must for Continued Growth”. The Foundation for Resource Linkage & Development organized these events to help rural farmers and entrepreneurs by promoting profitable opportunities and good and strong relationships among them.

There is a strong relationship among the government, academe and private companies when it comes to the development of our food sources as Agrilink focused on providing seminars and workshops for the crop sector and the whole agribusiness community, as Foodlink focused on showcasing equipment and technologies for food products, and processing and packaging industries, and as Aqualink focused on new products and technologies for the fisheries sector.

The World Trade Center lobby is jam-packed with visitors from all over the globe.

The Foundation for Resource Linkage & Development has a mission and a vision which we see aligned to our own. Their mission is to “Create sustainable income opportunities by encouraging effective linkages between small enterprises and large corporations as well as providing other support mechanisms such as management and technical expertise.” Their vision is “Higher quality of life as influenced by the availability of appropriate support infrastructures leading to more investments in productive enterprises and evidenced consumer spending for manufactured goods.” (http://agrilink.org/about-us/)

One of the outdoor booths at the Agrilink 2018 Exhibition at the World Trade Center, Manila

As you would have noticed, their goal is to make sustainable income opportunities that will lead to a higher quality of life. Ensky Corporation has the same goal but by providing an energy solution, where we are lowering expenses on energy, thereby allowing these farmers, entrepreneurs and the whole nation focus on becoming more profitable, which will eventually lead them to live a higher quality of life.

Ensky Corporation is here to make your businesses profitable and your lives comfortable. Feel free to contact us at july.dizon@enskycorp.com or call us at +63 997 601 9100.

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